Let's talk about Flowers.



為保證花材新鮮 所有材料根據訂單時間預定 花束預訂提前3天以上,新娘花球提前7天以上。

To keep the freshness of the products, all the materials will be prepared according to the time when orders confirmed. 3 days for bunch flowers, 7 days for bridal bouquets.

預訂後一星期內需付訂金 訂金為全單總價50%(七天內急單需於訂花當日前付全數)

After the order has been made, kindly deposit for 50% of the total. (Order within 7 days should be full-paid on the day order has been made.)


Handmade products cannot be copied. The bouquet you will be received may not be 100% the same as the picture you provide. But what we can gurantee is the style will be united with the original design. If some of the materials are out of stock, it will be replaced by another material alike.


Prices may be adjusted according to festivals or florescence.


Delivery before 8am will be surcharged for HK$200.